Shipment & Returns


We use DHL/FedEx or Royal Mail, USPS or UPS courier service to ship to virtually any address in the world. Mostly we

take between 25-35 working days to deliver orders (conditions apply). cannot be held responsible

for delays that may occur during transit or delays from the others, however we shall notify you if we are aware of

any foreseeable delays, in which case we will offer you an alternative product or a full refund.

Shipping Charges:-

These are applied per product and vary from country to country but mostly we charge flat shipping charges (i.e.

£25.00) for order round the world. The charges are calculated for you and are shown on the Final Review of Your

Order page, before you pay for the good. The final delivery charge will be calculated prior to the dispatch of the

product(s) and if different from the charge shown on “the final review of your order” page you will be informed of

the final delivery charges. During special promotions, costs and delivery times may vary. This will be displayed

within the terms of the promotion.

Returns Policy for Custom Orders:-

Custom orders are based on the measurements that you provide, will not be responsible for any

inaccuracies in the final product (your custom order) in lieu of the measurements provided. Please note that before

dispatching any order, we take photographs of each part of the dress and keep them in record so that if any misfit

case arise we first investigate it by checking measurements from our records. We do not accept returns or exchanges

of custom orders. If they are sent incorrect, defective or not fit in accordance to the size ordered we will offer

you a free rectifying service. reserve the right to change embroidery, style, designing and

material etc without notifying the customer.

Fit to My Budget and/or urgent Orders

In case of fit to my budget order (when is bound to make dress / dresses with in a mentioned

budget and/or with in specific time) we don’t offer any kind of refund. will be the sole authority

to evaluate that what can offer in this regards. Any exchange or rectifying facility will be

available but customer have to bear the total (both sides delivery cost) cost of delivery what so ever the original

amount is.


In accordance with the universal retail policy for special occasion items, all sales are considered FINAL. However,

we understand that online customers are purchasing under somewhat blind conditions. Thereby, we allow returns for

exchanges and store credits (for future use without expiration date) as follows.

1. A return authorization number (RMA#) should be obtained via e-mail to

2. Write the RMA# on outside of the package as well as on the enclosed packing slip with a note for the


3. Return postmark the package within 3 days of the receipt/delivery of the merchandise. For Express orders, return

package must be postmarked within 24 hours of receipt.

4. Customer must ask to the address to post the returns.

Please note that any problems with the merchandise or order must be reported immediately, and returns must be

postmarked within the time limit as stated above.

It is important that the return package is postmarked within the specified time under ANY circumstances for proper

credit (even if RMA# was unobtained due to holidays, internet failure, etc.) Under no circumstances, items will be

accepted after the occasion date!

No returns are allowed for wholesale orders, special orders, fit to my budget orders, urgent orders, clutches, and

accessory items.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. If you have any questions regarding our policy or have special

circumstances, please contact us via before placing the order.

If you have any question or query, Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US